Rabu, 31 Desember 2008

100% JOGJA !

‘SUGENG RAWUH !’, a greeting of your guide with full of smile welcome you upon arrival in Yogyakarta airport. Meeting service, then transfer to your unique accommdation which is still inside Kraton area (the sultan’s palace) for overnight stay, named nDalem Gamelan. You will stay in an original Javanese House (with international standard air conditioned bed room and standard bath room). Feel 100% JOGJA in nDALEM GAMELAN (a house called gamelan). In the evening drive to local restaurant for dinner, continued with watching ‘wayang kulit’ / puppet show at sonobudoyo museum. The show takes about 1,5 hour. After the show back to your ‘house’ for rest. Before back to your ‘ home’ (D)

Breakfast will be served in your ‘home’. After breakfast – start your journey to explore JOGJA with antique bicycle. First, visit the center ‘power’ of javanese culture – Kraton Yogyakarta. where the Sultan’s of Ngayogyakarta hadiningrat stay in. Javanese culture is full of symbolized philosophy. Knowing more learn Javanese culture. And the center of the culture is in this palace. On certain day and certain time you could see the royal traditonal performance such as dance, puppet show, gamelan music etc. You can see and learn more inside. From Kraton, visit Taman Sari – a ruin of water castle, where it used as leisure park for king’s family. Ngasem Bird market is your next destination after Taman Sari. A short break for refreshment. Continued to the great mosque of Yogyakarta where moslem take a pray daily in this old mosque. See the uniqueness of this mosque. Then, ride your bicycle to local food stall that sell local specialty of Yogyakarta called gudeg. As told before, you will get 100% JOGJA. Taste the local food – and you will get riil experience. Back to your ‘home’ nearby for a short rest. 3PM continue your trip by visiting the most beautiful Hindu temple - Prambanan. Drive to prambanan by your private ac car. From prmbanan – continued to Ratu Boko Hill with Ratu boko temple for admiring the beautiful sunset. Then, direct drive to maliboro street – the busiest and most famous street in Jogja, for having dinner at ‘lesehan’ food stall where the menu is like local fried / grilled chichken and etc. You will get 100% JOGJA in malioboro street at night. Enjoy your dinner while local street artist sing songs for you. Back to your ‘home’ for overnight stay. (BLD)

Early morning call will be made by your assistant. A hot coffee or tea will be served before going to pasar gede or the big central market called Beringharjo in malioboro street for buying your breakfast food material with your assistant (nDalem Gamelan assistant). Get 100% JOGJA – you will get more experience inside the market with full of local daily activity. Learn more about JOGJA here – in the market. Back to your ‘home’, and today you will get simple express cooking class by cooking together with your assistant in nDalem gamelan (of course your guide always accompany you). Cook simple Javanese food for your breakfast and ready to serve. Take a shower and then enjoy your breakfast together with your ‘new’ family (your guide, your assistant nDlaem Gamelan). Today, your morning is 100% JOGJA ! After a short break, continued the trip to Kotagede – Our morning tour explores Kota Gede's cultural and monumental heritages. We enjoy a leisurely walking tour through this old capital city, marvel at Kota Gede's finest example of unique 'between two gates community' of Atmo Suprobo family, wander amid kampong houses to the monolith throne of Panembahan Senopati, the founder of the second Mataram Dynasty. Later, we se see the ruins of the palace wall. From Masjid Besar (the great mosque) we may be lucky to do a pilgrimage to Kota Gede's Royal Tombs before wandering through its unique kampong which still retain its original character. Walk between high walls that seems to lead nowhere. Then join to one of the local home industry to practising making your own silver accecorries. The short course will take about 4 hours. You will get new experience buy doing yourself. Back to your home for free program. At 3 pm drive to the southern part of yogyakarta for explore the only sand dunes at parangkusumo beach, admiring the beach with huge waves. Exploring the villages is possible to be done with its local handicraft center. then closing with sunset at of the hill nearby. Back to your hotel.

Morning free program. PM direct transfer to Manohara Hotel via Godean Village or other area (rice fields view, villages, etc). It will take about 1,5 hours on drive. Check In MANOHARA

You at +_ 04.00 AM - on the dark of morning, climb up the temple of Borobudur till the top of Arupadhatu. Wait and see a dramatic and exotic sunrise. Take a deep breath of fresh morning air, admire the beautiful panorama of ‘thousand hills’. Then, with your guide learning the Buddha philosophy by exploring the relieves on Borobudur temple. Back to your hotel for breakfast. 10.00 Am, check out time and drive to Mendut and Plaosan temple nearby. Lunch will be served at local restaurant. Drive to Solo via Selo – Boyolali, passing through Mt. Merapi and Mt. Merbabu valley with full of nice view. Some stops are possibly to be made. Arrival in Solo city, direct check in to ROEMAHKOE

Morning, we travel on through lovely countryside to discover the mystery of the 14th century Sukuh temple. Next, we go on up scenic, Winding Mountain road to another 14th century Hindu temple at Cetho to enjoy the beauty of its peaceful surroundings. We rejoin the coach, retrace to road to Tawangmangu for visit the waterfall ‘grojogan sewu’ and its beautiful view surrounds. Back to your hotel

Proceed Solo sightseeing with visit Kraton Mangkunegaran, Triwindhu Antique Market, and Radya Pustaka Museum. Local Home inudtsry of GOng (gong maker) and local Kampong of Batik Indu\tsry in Laweyan. Transfer to airport for flight your RIIL HOME !


Tiba di Yogyakarta dengan pesawat jam 11.00 siang. Dijemput oleh guide dan langsung transfer ke restoran lokal MOROLEJAR (lesehan ikan air tawar di daerah pakem – sleman) (20 – 30 menit perjalanan). Selesai makan siang – dengan kendaraan shuttle lokal menuju KALIADEM untuk melihat dari dekat bekas guguran lava gunung Merapi bulan mei 2006 yang lalu. Melihat pemandangan gunung merapi dari dekat. Kemudian transfer ke hotel MANOHARA di Borobudur untuk menginap. Makan malam di restoran lokal. (LD)

Jam 03.30 pagi wake up call. Kemudian bersiap naik sampai pelataran teratas borobudur untuk menikmati Matahari terbit yang indah. Dengan latar belakang pegunungan seribu – indahnya pagi semakin terasa. Kemudian Anda akan diajak berkeliling candi borobudur belajar dan mengtahui lebih banyak tentang pilosofi hidup yang tergambar di relief candi. Kemudian kembali ke hotel untuk mandi dan makan pagi. Check out hotel. Tur ke KETEP PASS berlokasi diantara gunung Merapi dan Merbabu. Disini anda diberi kesempatan untuk melihat film pendek tentang merapi juga museum vulkanologi dan menikmati pemandangan alam sekitar. Makan siang di restoran lokal di KETEP PASS. Lalu menuju Yogyakarta – langsung ke hotel untuk check in. Makan malam lesehan MALIOBORO (ayam/bebek/burungdara goreng) (BLD)

Makan pagi di hotel. Dengan berkonvoi – kita akan menyusuri tengah kota Yogyakarta dengan becak (1 orang 1 becak) melewati malioboro menuju kraton yogyakarta. Tiba di kraton Yogyakarta, mengunjungi Kraton yang sarat akan budaya dan filosofi Jawa. Jika anda berntung dan tepat waktunya – bisa menyaksikan salah satu kegiatan seni adiluhung di Kraton Yogyakarta. Dari Kraton Yogyakarta menggunakan bis menuju Pusat Kerajianan Perak Bakar di Kotagede. Makan siang di restoran lokal. Lalu belanja di malioboro dan pasar beringharjo. Sore hari sebelum menuju hotel – belanja oleh oleh khas Yogya, bakpia dan semacamnya di pusat pembuatnya langung. Selesai belanja kembali ke hotel. Malam ini kita akan makan malam jam 20.30 berangkat dari hotel ke salah satu lesehan gudeg terkenal di yogyakarta (permata / tugu / lainnya) untuk menikmati makanan khas Yogya GUDEG. Nikmati keindahan Yogya di waktu malam. Selesai dinner, bagi Anda yang masih ingin hang out – akan diantar ke salah satu cafĂ© atau tempat hiburan malam lainnya (hugos/republic/caesar/sejenisnya) hanya drop saja. Bagi Anda yang tidak – akan diantar ke hotel untuk istirahat (BLD)


Makan pagi di hotel. Free program. Check out hotel. Transfer ke airport untuk terbang pulang. Service End


day 01
arrival in jogja train sts at 03.10 AM. pick up by your guide at Tugu Train station Yogyakarta (in front of your wagon with SIGNAGE OF YOUR NAME)
and transfer to SHERATON MUSTIKA for early check in. breakfast at hotel. Morning, drive to Kotagede. Visit local traditional market for knowing more local daily life. Taste local traditional snack and etc. Then, drive to the cemetry complex of the 1st King of Mataram, Panembahan Senopati. ALso visit one the oldest artistic Mosques in Yogyakarta. Then, walk through local 'kampong' small street to visit local artisan at work of Silversmith. Visit one of the local home industry for more explanation. Then, take a local tradional horse cart called andong to drive to Kraton Yogyakarta - the sultan's palaceVisit the sultan palace, where you can observe more detail of javanese culture. rejoin your coach. Continued to the ruin of water castle ' taman sari '. It was used as a leisure park for the king's family.Having lunch at ROYAL GARDEN RESTO (on personal account) Then, take a local 'threeshaw' called becak drive passing through the city center of MAlioboro street. enroute it is possible to photo stop at malioboro street include at the front of presidential palace and Vedebrugh Fort Museum.Back to your hotel for a short rest. In the evening drive to Prambanan PArk for enjoying dinner at PRAMBANAN RESTO (on personal account) with the background of Prambanan temple. Continued with watching ramayana dance show at Indoor theater. The show will be end at 0930 PM, and drive back to your hotel for rest (breakfast included at your hotel)

day 02
early breakfast at hotel. then drive to the slope of Mt merapi at Kaliadem Village for viewing the still active volcanoe - Mt Merapi from distance. And see the ex lava route on 2006 eruption. Continued to Kaliurang Highland visiting Ullen sentalu Museum - a java classic museum told about the javanese princess life. Here you will get more detail of javanese culture from the displayed things.Enjoy your lunch at BUKENHOOF RESTO (on personal account) inside the museum area (european food)Then, drive to a huge local fruit plantation called 'salak' or a 'snake skin fruit' for more exploration in the field. Take the fruit from the tree by yourself. Then, transfer back to your hotel for free for your own leisure.At 0700 PM join Gala Dinner at the ballroom of Sheraton Mustika hotel with theme 'welcome to Las Vegas' A gala dinner including celebration of welcoming a new year 2009 (breakfast, Dinner included at your hotel)

day 03
breakfast at your hotel. Morning free program for your own leisure. Check out time. having lunch at local restaurant SASANTI RESTO (indonesian set menu) or JIMBARAN RESTO (sea food). (on personal account)Continued to Borobudur via Magelang regency. Stop enroute visit local stone craft centre in Muntilan Village. Then, visit Mendut temple with its magnificent statue of the Buddha Sakyamuni and Pawon temple nearby.Check in SARASWATI BOUTIQUE at Borobudur village. PM free for your own leisure (breakfast included at your hotel)
day 04Early wake up call at 0400 AM. starting your trip to Borobudur temple before the dawn. walk step up till the top of the temple. Then, admiring the beautiful Sunrise with the background of ' thousand Hills' (depend on the weather) COntinued with more exploration of this greatest buddhist temple, one of the world Heritage, Borobudur temple. Back to your hotel for breakfast. Do not forget to explore villages surround on bicycle. Cycling to local villages, visit local house, local home industry and local life. It will be your great experience. PM free program. LUNCH (on personal account)
(breakfast included at your hotel)

day 05
breakfast at hotel. drive to city center of Yogyakarta via Goden Villages with great view of paddyfield and local vilalges. Shopping program at Malioboro street and Beringaharjo MArket. Then, drive to Gunung Kidul Regency at the southern part of Yogyakarta province. Lunch at local resturant. (on personal account) direct drive to Sundak Beach area. Check in to you beautiful Bungalow of WATULAWANG RESORT. Located at the beach front of Sundak. Late afternoon enjoy beautful Sunset at your bungalow terrace.Evening - having dinner at the resort included (breakfast, dinner included)

day 06
breakfast included at the resort. am free for your own leisure. (your guide and your coach are ready to accompany you to explore surrounds as like visit local fish market and fish farmers morning activity, or other closest beaches)Lunch included at your resort. PM check out time, drive back to Yogyakarta with stop enroute visit the most beautiful Hindu temple - Prambanan, and enjoying the sunset at Ratu Boko temple. Check in hotel SHERATON MUSTIKAPM, free for your own leisure . (Breakfast, lunch included)

day 07
breakfast at hotel. Free program. Transfer to Adi Sucipto Airport for flight to Jakarta. Service END